Star Moto Parts Trading was established  to develop and maintain partnerships with importers looking for good quality products and competitive prices through a direct negotiation with the manufacturer.

Headquartered in Zug – Switzerland, counts with a team of resident engineers in Asia, ensuring strict quality control of products under development and production processes.


Quality, Durability, Performace. Products that promote safety and reliability to motorcycle and business partners. Know more about the product lines of the Star Moto Parts companies and find out why the company keeps growing and consolidating in the global market.

Evolution Trousers M

Oil Filter(s)

Anatomic Trousers W

Brake Rotor(s)

Summer Jacket M

Steering Head Tapered Roller Bearing(s)

Dynamic Trousers W

O’ring Chain

Front Sprockets

Evolution Tour M

Ultra Jacket M

Racing Summer Gloves W

Rear Sprocket(s)

Titanium Sprockets & Chain Kit(s)

Urban Trousers W


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